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NOVEMBER 28,2011.

Welcome to my blog


21 –Suggestions and Tips for Christmas Leftovers

20 – Holiday Parties on a Budget. 2012


5—Tips and Tricks to cope with rising food prices

11—Prepare for unexpected parties by amortizing

19—Busting food freezing myths & providing freezing basics

25—What you need to know about freezing entrees & casseroles


2- Freezing more than entrees: Includes desserts, sauces, soups

9—Things to know about planning food for a SuperBowl party-before and using leftover after

16—Special dinners for 2-Affordable, last minute and easy

23—Budget shoppers do the math—calculate per item

MARCH 2012

1—Buying meats at the grocery stores

6—Beware of experts on T.V. on cooking or shopping

16—Corning beef (and ham) Homemade corned beef hash and other St.Partick’s Day recipes

22—Tips and tricks for those who say they can’t cook

25—Tips to stay in budget

APRIL 2012

5—Favorite Easter Recipes for Ham, glaze, Sauce and leftovers

12 – -Let’s Get Seasonal—Using Spring produce

19 – Courtesy-n. A helpful act- Using the Courtesy Counter

26- Supermarket Amenities

MAY 2012

10) Happy Mother’s Day – A full day’s recipes that need little supervision

17) Here’s to the Sub Team-A look at substitute ingredients

28) It’s Memorial Day – Let’s go outside

31) Soup’s On – Cold soups for warm weather

JUNE 2012

7) Still in the Soup – Using seasonal produce in summer soups

14) Side by Side – Summer side dishes to make in advance

21) Sauce for the Goose – Sauces that can be used on different meats

28) Sweet Liberty—Summer desserts to make in advance

JULY 2012

9) The Tipster- Work saving tips

19) A Visit to the Big Top – A look at warehouse stores

26) The Box and the Buck Part I – A look at box stores


2) The Box and the Buck Part II – A look at dollar stores

9) Empty (or sparsely populated) Nests – Cooking for small numbers

16) Salad Days – Cold dinner salads

23) Bargain or Discount Markets – A look at the new popular chains

30) Keep on Grillin” – Information on different types of indoor grills


6) Organics – A study of organic and other types of naturally raised foods

22) Up Up and Away – Forecast of price increases for the coming year

22)  My Apologies – Computer problems – No blog

27) Planning Ahead – Begin now to amortize time and labor for the coming holiday feasts


4) Facts of Basics Part I – Flour

19) Facts of Basics Part III- Fats

25) Facts of Basics Part IV – Eggs, Milk and Flavorings


1) Full of – Legumes—The economical aspect of beans

8) When the Frost is on the Pumpkin – It’s time to start holiday food preparations

15) Let’s Talk Turkey – Information on choosing a turkey

19) Happy Thanksgiving – A discussion of stuffing (or filling or dressing)

29) After the Ball – -Leftover recipes


6) ‘Tis the Season for Gifting – Food gifts to make yourself

13) A Peek at 2013 – Food price forecasts

20) Sweet Endings – Holiday desserts

27) Off With the Old, On With the New – Organization relieves stress when holidays overlap


10) Hello 2013 – The Farm Bill and its effect on food prices

15) Definitions – The problems caused by lack of a Farm Bill

16) Getting Organized – Ways to cope with the effects of the Farm Bill problems

24) The Informed Shopper – Part I Meat – Learning about choosing and using different meats

31)  Super Sunday – An easy Super Bowl party to plan and host


7) Some Valentines Ideas – Easy and delicious dinners

14) The Informed Shopper – Part II Poultry

21) The Informed Shopper – Part III Seafood-  Fish

28) The Informed Shopper – Part IV – Seafood – Shellfish

MARCH 2013

7) The Informed Shopper – Part V – Seafood – Mollusks

14) St. Patrick’s Day is Here-How to corn beef –and ham- and leftover recipes

21) What’s the Real Beef- Information on selecting cuts and using substitute ones

28) The Meating Place-Information on selecting cuts of Lamb, Veal, Pork & Ham

APRIL 2013

4) Birds of a Feather- Poultry – Different ways of raising birds and the effect on the meat

11) In the Swim – Seafood –The difference between salt and fresh water verities

19) Welcome Spring – Fast Easy Fresh- Seasonal produce

25) Be Practical- Why it’s important to approach planning and shopping in a sensible way

 MAY 2013

2)  Mother’s Day 2013- A full day’s meals with Dad’s help

9) Rice and Carbohydrates- Myths, Truths, and Rice recipes

16) Pasta and Carbohydrates- Truths, Myths and Pasta recipes

23) Memorial Day Barbeque Things to Remember and Sauce and Rub Tips

JUNE 2013

6) The Real Truth About White Potatoes and Carbohydrates-They’re Healthier Than You Think

6) Some Recipe Suggestions for Leftovers from Roasts – Chicken, Turkey and Beef

15) Father’s Day Recipes -All About Kabobs-Beef, Chicken and Seafood

30) July 4th Cooking Tips and Food Ideas – Recipes for a Liberating Holiday


8) Spotlight on Vegetables – Tips for Healthy Summer Food Preparation

13) The Mediterranean Diet Explained- Tips and Recipes

18) Making Your Own Sauce- Sauce Recipes and Tips

26) Savvy Sauce Recipes-Advanced Sauce Techniques

28) Basic Sauces Explained-Recipes for Your Favorite Basic Sauces


10) Reap the Fall- Fresh, Frozen and Canned Produce Recipes

20) Quick Weekday Dinner Recipes for Busy Families

22) Chicken – To Rinse or Not to Rinse

26) Family Meal Planning Efficiency During the Week

25) How to Skin a Fish Fillet

26) History of Hot Dogs and Some Good Hot Dog Recipes

28) Kitchen Mallets are Great Tools


4) Cleaning Chicken and Sanitary Egg Practices –Safe Eggnog Recipe

20) Quick Bruschetta Tips and Recipes

20) How The Agricultural Act a.k.a.The Farm Bill Will Affect Your Grocery Bill

28) Chicken Cooking Safety Tips Plus Tasty Simple Chicken Recipes


8) Maple Syrup is Both Healthy and Versatile- Maple Syrup Recipes

7) Dinner With Joy – Blog Press Release

18) T.V. Bytes Can Bite


2) Cutting Holiday Food Costs Early

2) Recipes for Thanksgiving Leftovers

9) Gifting 2013- Recipe Ideas for Homemade Holiday Gifts

16) Christmas Cheese Recipe Suggestions-Your Guide to Holiday Cheeses


2) Christmas Desserts Recipes Made Easy

2) Easy Leftover Recipes for Family and Friends

3) Easy Soup and Salad Recipes to Start the New Year

14) Easy Baked Breads to Serve with Light Meals

16) One Pot Dinner Tips and Recipes


2) SuperBowl Recipes – Pulled Pork and Wings

3) Easy Casserole Recipes

11) Chicken 9 Ways for Valentine’s Day Recipes

22) Everything You Want to Know About Fondue Recipes

24) Hearty Versatile Soups are Great in an Emergency

MARCH 2014

11) Versatile Risotto-Traditional Risotto Recipes

13) Saint Patrick’s Day Dinner Recipes

APRIL 2014

9) One Roast – 5 Dinners – Part I Chicken

12) One Roast – 5 Dinners – Part II Pork

21) Spring Roast Recipes for the Holidays

23) My Thoughts and Delicious Canned Tuna Recipes

MAY 2014

13) No Stress Mother’s Day Recipes

17) Dive into Spring-Easy Vegetable Recipes

22) Beef Prices on the Rise- Plus Stew and Other Beef Recipes

23) Chicken Prices on the Rise and Easy Chicken Breast Recipes

JUNE 2014

10) The Other Burgers – Summer Burger Recipes Without Beef

11) Berry Dessert Recipes—It’s Cool to be Hot!

12) Cool Vegetable Recipes for Summer Meals

JULY 2014

2) Summer Grilling: Fun Food Side Kicks – Mushrooms, beets and more are healthy additions

5) Summer Carbohydrate Ideas I – Bean Recipes to serve cold


3) Summer Produce Prices- 2014 – An overall view

3) Summer Carbohydrate Recipes IV.-Vegetable recipes to serve with summer dinners

3) Summer Meat Prices – 2014 – An overall view

7) Summer Carbohydrate Recipes III-Rice -Cold side dishes to serve with/as summer meals

7) Summer Carbohydrate Recipes II- Pasta – Cold side dishes to serve with cold meals

21) Hey Pumpkin–Pumpkin can be made into any course of a meal from soup to nuts including examples.

28)  Dollar Stores Revisited in 2014- How to use them to your advantage, even to creating a whole meal. Example recipes given.

29) Blog # 130 -Prepare Ahead for the Holidays. Starting early can save money, time and promote a stress-free holiday Examples included


6)  How to Create Alternative Recipes- There are substitute ingredients and recipes to satisfy the desire for a special or time consuming dish on a weekday with examples

13) Easy Transportable Thanksgiving Sides- Tips on how to plan, prepare and safe-serve side dishes for a communal family feast plus some recipe examples.

20) Great Gravy—Detailed information on how to make a perfect gravy this Thanksgiving and how to correct errors.

27) How to Deal with Leftover Turkey-2014


4) How to Make Simple Pan Sauces to Dress up Any Meal Anytime

12) Sauces Part II- The Classic Sauces are Real Holiday Helpers-How to make and use classic sauces

18) Cheese and Cake make Quick Holiday Snacks. Suggestions to use both for quick serving solutions

25) Dealing with Holiday Leftovers – Meat isn’t the only food looking for a new approach


2) Try a Cleanse for the New Year- Some simple changes in your diet can have you feeling lighter and healthier in no time.

8) Food Cost Forecast for 2015 – Plus Some Coping Tips

15) Menu Planning 101 –The basics of organized weekly menu planning to erase stress plus save time and money—Examples included

22) Menu Planning II – More detailed information on the process of menu planning including charts and examples to make the task easier.

29) Super Bowl Sunday 2015- A look at casserole options for the menu


6) Organics Revisited – Update on Sept.2012 article defining category, stating pros-and cons in buying and explaining differences between Organic and Whole, Raw and Natural Foods

11) Valentine’s Day the Easy Way- Some quick and easy recipes to relax and enjoy the day

26) The Informed Shopper – In the Market – a look at the tactics food markets use to encourage us to buy and how to recognize and avoid them

MARCH 2015

4) The Informed Shopper III – Food Pricing- Tips on how to deal with pricing changes, finding alternatives, savings and maintaining quality.

11) Saint Patrick’s Day 2015 – New twists on recipes

18)  Slow Cookers- New Takes on Slow Cookers   x

26) One Fish, Two Fish- How to pick the right type of fish for a recipe and using all the new verities on the market

APRIL 2015

3) Brunch-The Perfect Solution for a Stress-Free Day

9) Spring Vegetables are Here

15) Highlighting Tilapia

23) Let’s Get Seasonal—More information and recipes for Spring Vegetables

30) Some Ideas for Mother’s Day –Easy Child Friendly Breakfasts. Lunches, Dinners and Desserts

MAY 2015

6) The Fruits of Spring- Some Ways to Serve the Seasonal Fruits

13) The $centse Method Works for Food Stamps Too- How to work on a tight budget

20) Memorial Day 2015-It’s between seasons for many fresh foods but with these menu ideas, that won’t matter

27) Composed Salads-Composed salads, as opposed to tossed ones, are those with the all the main ingredients carefully displayed, which make a full meal

JUNE 2015

3) Side Dishes to Make Father’s Day Special-Using some easy, but different, side dishes can make his favorite entrée into a festive meal.

11) A Look at Vegetarian and Vegan Recipes—They offer a wide variety of cuisines, plenty of choices and have  wide appeal for everyone

18) Summer Desserts to Eat with a Spoon—Easy to pick up and eat, cooling desserts that don’t drip all over you.

25)  Kabobs- the Answer to a Worry Free July 4th Menu. Kabobs offer a wide variety of ingredients and cost options, they can be prepared ahead, even frozen and cook quickly indoors or out with no mess.

JULY 2015

1) Easy Summer Pastries-No Mixing Involved—Finger friendly desserts which appear baked, but aren’t and that hold up well on hot summer days.

9) Slow Cooker Recipes for Casual Outdoor Eating- A look at alternatives to grilling for outdoor entertaining, especially for children’s parties.

18) Soup: The Easy Summer Meal-Many hearty slow-cooker soups are great chilled in summer, just as satisfying and nourishing as they are warm in winter.

23) Affordable Side Salads—With produce prices rivaling those of meat it’s nice to have alternative choices to replace the traditional ingredients on a daily basis.

31) DIY Dressings to Make Salads Sing—Simple vinaigrettes, creamy and other dressings, regular or Lite easily made using ingredients normally in the pantry.


7) Definition of Our Motto—“Making wonderful scents, while saving cents, by using sense” what it really mean and why it can be so meaningful to family meal planning.

14) DIY Salads That Make the Meal—The new look in salads is not as a side dish, or a composed main course, but as an intrinsic part of the entrée, which when served with or on the meat complete the dish.

21) Fun Add-Ons for Summer Meals—Summer and/or cold meals are enhanced by including colorful and flavorful savories that perk interest and taste.

28) Enjoy the Stone Fruits of August—These fruits are among the oldest known to man, and among the most unchanged but they only have a short season, so appreciate them while they’re here.


3) Affordable Summer Party Dinner for 6 Under $12.00—This complete, interesting chicken dinner with 2 sides and dessert was purchased at a regular chain supermarket without coupons or using discounted items. See the planning that achieved it.

10) Relish end-of-Season Stone Fruits Baked—Good to the last drop, older even wrinkled, slightly bruised  stone fruits can shine when baked. Several wonderful recipes to do that.

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